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serendip stick's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
serendip stick

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[29 Dec 2008|03:20am]
[ mood | hungry ]

  • catching the hourly public transportation in time
  • finding just the right gifts
  • new shopping friends
  • old dinner friends
  • the Blur reunion
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    [25 Dec 2008|10:32pm]
    [ mood | tired ]

  • quiet, candlelit chick flick time with tea
  • the allowance of that much needed nap without getting nagged at
  • when my dog smells nice and clean and not like socks
  • the health and happiness of my family, though not quite proportioned
  • nut platters
  • consequence-free presents
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    [23 Dec 2008|06:15pm]
    For starters, I appreciate the fact I still give a flying fuck about giving a flying fuck. I just survived food poisoning, and other people have survived other things. I appreciate that it is almost Christmas and I'm about to see most of my family in one day. I also appreciate that all of their lives are on the up and up.

    I've begun to really feel again, so that is incentive to tell you what I am feeling.
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    [16 Jun 2007|12:11pm]
    [ mood | hot ]

    I haven't kept up with this thing again, I realise.
    And it doesn't mean I don't appreciate anything anymore.
    It means I've been looking at the big picture, and stop weeding out the bad from the good.

    It's been good to be neutral, and never numb. Really.
    All I praise the Lord for these days is, well, you already know that one.

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    [12 May 2007|10:17am]
  • once again, not falling while skating
  • quality time and laughs with my best girl
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    [07 May 2007|11:59pm]
    Holding out for to-mor-row.
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    [06 May 2007|12:17am]
    I'm grateful that the tooth I broke, and swallowed, didn't hurt like a bitch.
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    [28 Apr 2007|11:56pm]
    [ mood | snacky ]

    Getting a tax return this year!


    And a nice chat with Mum (I love her stories).
    And having "connections."
    And that the "week from hell" is over.
    And that the Def Leppard show is repeating shortly for me to watch and enjoy!

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    [26 Apr 2007|11:07pm]
    [ mood | sniffly ]

    Having a work day where I was able to

  • breathe
  • not feel stupid
  • not feel useless

    And you know, just having a simple lunch with a friend.
    And that it's not "type 2."
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    [25 Apr 2007|01:00am]
    When someone just so happens to have the CD you're pining for, in their car. Much obliged!
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    [23 Apr 2007|11:21pm]
    [ mood | hungry ]

  • having work-appropriate clothes that still fit :/
  • jacket-free weather
  • surviving the shift from hell without panicking, crying, or getting pissed off
  • having that mentality in general
  • catching a pretty decent Listed about rock anthems
  • getting closer to a decent bedtime
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    [22 Apr 2007|11:54pm]
    [ mood | tired ]

    Sunshine, movie time, and plenty of it.

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    [20 Apr 2007|12:12am]
    [ mood | not depressed ]

  • a much-needed hair cut
  • being in an anecdote
  • having anecdotes down the phone
  • that there were tickets left
  • yeah...
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    [17 Apr 2007|09:33pm]
    [ mood | salsa ]

    Finding my precious, precious ticket stub collection.
    But that was yesterday.

    I'll have to be selfish today and just say... having more time.

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    [16 Apr 2007|11:59pm]
    [ mood | "My head is paining me." ]

  • being beaten to the punch (stove, that is)
  • people that actually reply to emails
  • that it wasn't at U of T
  • a damn good iTunes playlist
  • connections
  • impulsive donut runs
  • not missing the pilot episode of Step By Step
  • genuine interest
  • finally seeing that bloody Budweiser commercial
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    [15 Apr 2007|11:55pm]
    [ mood | sleepy dreamy ]

    Not being the first to make the move, for once.
    The opportunity to see you again, and be with you.

    Hearing Kiss at a club, man. Awesome.

    Being handed lemons. Now I can make lemon meringue pie.
    Idols! One to tousle your hair, two to offer phone chats and whatever.
    Your camera not dying on you.

    Signs, fate, all that.

    Surviving the potential shift from hell.
    Having the next two days off for sweet, sweet F.A.

    The people I know, and the mystique of those yet to come.

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    [11 Apr 2007|10:49pm]
    [ mood | pleasure before business ]

  • tax refunds
  • bumping into opportunities/having connections
  • albums you want for cheap
  • seeing you stripped
  • how every band is coming to town
  • hearing from YOU again
  • and feeling nothing from YOU
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    [10 Apr 2007|10:16pm]
    [ mood | unproductive, quite ]

  • work shifts like ripping off band aids
  • companies that twist policies to suit your needs
  • (and that's just how I got lemon merangue other than chocolate brownie)
  • yeah, Swiss Chalet
  • the friend you miss THE MOST poking you on Facebook
  • last-minute tickets
  • Blake Lewis
  • iTunes playlists

    Let's be negative for a second... MY INTERNET IS SO SLOW THESE DAYS AND I WANT TO SMASH IT.
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    [09 Apr 2007|11:00pm]
    [ mood | nauseated ]

  • random Easter phone calls
  • surviving
  • a great fucking concert
  • your camera not dying on you
  • omelettes
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    [07 Apr 2007|11:30pm]
    [ mood | headache ]

    Well, she's alive, ain't she?

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